In the Spotlight, Fie Adolfsen: Breaking the ice in a male-dominated sport

Fie Adolfsen

Words by Nathan Parker. Interview by Jacob Chick

FIE Adolfsen is Head of Media and Communications at Cardiff Devils. The Devils are a Welsh ice hockey team who play in the British Elite Ice Hockey League.

She has been working for the Devils since 2017. She runs all social media accounts for the Devils including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

ExpoSport caught up with Adolfsen and talked to her about working in a male-dominated sport.

“We’re very fortunate here at the Devils, I’m not the only woman that works here, and you’re starting to see it (women in sport) more and more.”

Adolfsen was speaking prior to the Women and Sport, Breaking Down Barriers Conference which is being held at the Sport Park in Treforest on Wednesday, (16th).

“It is a very male-dominated environment. Not just that but you tend to get a lot, as a woman, people saying, ‘You just like sports because you’re in love with the players’ or ‘you want to date a player’ and that’s not why we are in the sport.

“As soon as we can get past that and women continue to get these jobs, do very well and we will be able to see more women in sports. That’s as much as we can hope for, I think”.

The conference is organised and run by Sports Journalism students from the University of South Wales.