“Fitness flaw and shyness” highlighted as USW Women’s hockey 2nd team slump to heavy defeat

By Zacharie Johnson-Pillon

CAPTAIN Rhiannon James questioned the fitness level of her side after USW Women’s hockey 2nd went down 7-0 to Royal Agricultural 2nd at the Sport Park.

USW had their chances but could have few complaints at the final outcome.

James said: “Fitness is a real flaw for this team and a lot of players are a bit shy so communication is a bit of a low point.”

She pinpointed areas of play she believes must improve.

James added: “Were going to work on set-pieces and free hits, and also getting the ball up the field so we can improve our positioning in those kinds of situations.

“We’ve played better – although we didn’t have all our players today so we had to move a lot of players about.

“We did what we do in training, and what we always look to do is apply that.”