Cold Truth and everything you need to know through The Wave

Image Credit: Jamie Pritchard/The Wave

ON February 20th, The Wave and Swansea Sound will be hosting the ‘Cold Truth Sleep Out’ where you can get involved by spending a night outside the Liberty Stadium.

The event is dedicated to raising funds in the hope of ending homelessness, as well as working closely to help the available charity partners.

Jamie Pritchard presents drive-time on 96.4FM The Wave and gave some insight on what the Radio Station has done since 2018: “It’s the 3rd year we’ve done the Cold Truth. The 1st year, it took place in the car park at Tesco in Fforest Fach.”

“50 people took part in the event raising money and awareness of homeless charities that work across Swansea and South West Wales. The 2020 event, we hope to raise lots of money for the five charities that are ‘Matts House’, ‘Zac’s Place, ‘Shelter Cymru’, ‘Llamau’ and ‘Sa1ute’ (*the 1 is meant to be a homage to SA1 the postcode area).”

“Last year, around 25 thousand pounds was raised so hopefully with more people involved we can top that and at the same time raise awareness of the work that they do to help people who may need them sometime in the future for whatever reason.”

Swansea City will be helping the cause once again after former player and current youth team coach at the Championship side Lee Trundle took part a year ago.

Trundle and staff members will be braving the cold conditions and sleeping outside in the car park overnight in order to replicate very regular scenes around South Wales.

Pritchard said: “Swansea City had been working closely with Matts House, one of the charities that we’re raising money for, so they decided to put together a team and took part in the sleep out.”

“Lee Trundle was one of those who took part to help raise awareness of the issue and has been a great supporter of the event and came in recently to say that he is looking forward to taking part again this year, encouraging people to do their bit.”

All five charities do different needs at different times throughout the year, so If you’re looking to get involved but can’t help out by taking part on the night itself, you can find more information on The Wave website.