Captain’s optimism despite falling victim to ‘killer instinct’ of Aberystwyth

By Lee Clow

USW captain Susanna Tomlin was optimistic with her team’s performance, despite a 33-6 defeat to Aberystwyth.

USW started the game well and were defensively strong in the opening quarter.

Much of the second quarter was evenly split, but Aberystwyth had the killer instinct as they stormed into an 18-2 lead.

In the third quarter, USW’s morale started to drop as the visitors gained a huge grip of the game.

In the final quarter, USW gave it their all and they were rewarded as they gained a few points reducing the big deficit. The game ended 33-6 with Aberstwyth taking the points leaving USW without a win in 3 matches.

Tomlin said: “It was good, it was a tough game. We worked well as a team. We got a lot of interceptions that we don’t normally get.”

She continued: “The defence was strong but, in the end, the better team won.”