Second Inspire Series workshop takes place at University of South Wales Sport Park

USW Women in action. Image Nathan Parker

by Nathan Parker

FEMALE athleticism and the importance of warm-ups is the focus of the second of the new Inspire Series of workshops run by USW Sport.

Professor Ian Jeffreys, a senior lecturer who co-ordinates all of the strength and conditioning activities at the University of South Wales, will facilitate.

Renowned for his warm-up protocols, Professor Jeffreys will give an insight into his methods, which have been adopted by a wide range of coaches.

Designed by USW for women involved in sport, the workshop takes place at the Sport Park on Thursday evening.

The first of the workshops in December focused on developing robust confidence in female athletes. This time around it is all about ‘Maximising athleticism in female athletes – one warm-up at a time’.

Professor Jeffreys knows just how big a part athleticism plays in Sport.

“Athleticism plays a major role in many sports, yet too often this development is left to chance, with the argument that there is simply not enough time to focus on this”, he said.

“Undoubtedly, time is one of the most valuable commodities we have when training athletes/clients. How to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each and every session is therefore a critical consideration in the design and delivery of effective training.

“What if there was a method by which we could address athleticism in each and every session, but without increasing overall training time? There is, and it lies in the way we run our warm-ups.”

Prof Ian Jeffreys. Image courtesy of USW

Professor Jeffreys is certainly no stranger to presenting and is a much sought-after conference speaker. He has given keynote presentations and hosted high performance workshops at a host of major conferences around the world.

On the famous RAMP (Raise body, Activity, Mobile and Potentiate) method, he said: “All too often we waste valuable training time and energy on activities that don’t contribute to the athlete’s development.

“This session will outline the RAMP methodology and how it can be used so we can ensure that every second we spend contributes to the athlete’s development in the short, medium and long-term.”

The workshop takes place at the USW Sport Park (6pm-8pm) on Thursday 28th February 2019. The workshop costs are: U18 – Free; Students – £5; Delegates – £10.

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