Reaction: Star Sophie aiming for top three after University of South Wales 3rd beat 4th team

Image by Matt Slater

By Matt Slater

USW 3rd star player Sophie Donaldson spoke about what it was like to play against a team from the same university after her side claimed a 45-17 win against USW 4th.

Goal Shooter Donaldson said: “The game went really well, we were expecting it to be a tough game as we play the girls every week, but we brought our all and walked away with the result.

“It can be quite strange, the intensity is definitely increased compared to the training sessions, but it was really nice to have a proper game against the girls.”

Donaldson looked ahead to the rest of the season, adding: “This win is quite important for the team, we finished middle of the league last season and we’re aiming for top three this season.