In conversation with Craig Bellamy: He talks about the late Gary Speed, his personal development – and managing Cardiff City

Craig Bellamy on those who influenced him and the impact he still wants to make on football

Former Wales captain Craig Bellamy talks to Sports Journalism course leader Julie Kissick

CRAIG Bellamy’s is a life in transition.

The former Wales captain and Cardiff City stalwart is on a voyage of discovery.

After hanging up his boots he realised he wasn’t done with football. He took a coaching role working with youngsters – a far cry from the dizzy heights of the Premier League.

It was a strategic decision from a man who realized he also had a lot to learn.

He told USW Sports Journalism course leader Julie Kissick that his coaching philosophy centres around producing players who are the best they can be.

“The best players I ever played with, had the best attitude.”

Bellamy was a friend and team-mate of the late Wales manager, Gary Speed.

His untimely death in 2011 send shock waves through football and had a huge impact on those who knew him best, including Bellamy.

The ex Newcastle and Liverpool man saw ‘Speedo’ as a role model and recently contributed to a new book about him, Gary Speed: Unspoken.

As a player, Bellamy had a number of role models – including Speed. He would emulate his friend in terms of attitude and application. He appreciated his passion and dedication to everything he did.

“Gary was just a natural progression. Right time in my life. Ready to kick on again … You need examples to follow, and he was a great example.”

And there were others who made their mark too, including former Celtic and Norwich player Peter Grant.

Fast forward a few years and perhaps surprisingly, Bellamy is in no rush to move into management. He enters a new decade next year. He feels he is improving personally and is keen to continue that development.

“I got loads to try and iron out.”

And while he is doing that, what’s next for him professionally? What does the future hold? What about management? And what about Cardiff City?

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