Preview: Southampton Solent 2nd v University of South Wales 2nd

Netball. Image by Ethan Harris
Pic: Ethan Harris

by Adam Evans

AFTER USW’s match against Winchester 3rd last week was postponed, they travel to Southampton Solent 2nd in the opening round of the Western Conference Plate.

 Before last week’s fixture was called off USW had lost 46-35 to the University of Gloucestershire.

Before the postponement of last week’s match was announced, USW captain Kelly Nicol said: “We had a difficult game last week against Gloucestershire and it was a game that we learnt a lot from.”

This will be an attitude that gets carried over into their first cup match of the season.

Tomorrow’s home side, Solent 2nd,  have only been in action once this season, however, they made a statement in their opener as they hammered Winchester 3rd 52-15.

Coincidentally USW didn’t get past the first round of the Western Conference Plate last season after they were defeated by Solent 1st 20-38 at the USW Sport Park.

Nicol admitted that it may be slightly more difficult for USW to get going after missing out on last week’s match, but her expectations haven’t changed.

“We have had a week off matches so it will be harder to get our heads into match mode,” she said.

“I just want everybody to work as hard as they can and keep their heads high.”

Everybody is match fit beside from attacker Sky Pratt who is unavailable.

Centre-pass is at 18:00 on the South Coast.