We had all the momentum and then we fell apart! USW coach’s verdict after defeat to rivals

By Michael Addison

USW Men’s 1sts coach John Lowrie said his team “fell apart” in their 2-1 defeat at the hands of Cardiff University’s 5ths.

Andrew Smith gave the home side the lead going into half-time, but goals after the interval from Matt Wingfield and Ollie Gregory gave the visitors the victory.

Lowrie said: “It was a bit messy and we didn’t take our chances. Obviously, we were ahead for a large part, but then everything just fell apart.

“I felt we were definitely in control of the game, but unfortunately when we came out for the second-half we were not pressing them with the same intensity.

“We let them get a goal back, which they were very fortunate with because I did not think the ball left the D, so it should have been disallowed.

“Then that put us on the back-foot slightly because we just weren’t creating the right sort of chances at the other end.”

The game’s momentum swung against Lowrie’s side, but he added: “I definitely felt like we were (the better team) because we had control of the game.

“We looked capable of scoring more until the momentum shifted.”

Lowrie insists his side can build on this performance and improve.

He said: “We need to move the ball around the back quicker and control the tempo because when we don’t have the ball, we concede.”