What the speakers said: Sioned Dafydd

Image courtesy of Sioned Dafydd

by Jack Cook

SIONED Dafydd is the face of Swansea City’s Swans TV Live streams as a studio presenter. She talked about her career in the media industry.

“I’ve always had a big passion for sport. Although I never played sport, I’ve always had a lot of interest in it,” she told the Women and Sport Conference.

“Before Sixth Form I’d never considered media as a career but then I saw a work experience opportunity with the Swans.

“The Swans were playing Burnley in the Premier League. I had an invite down to the game and the press conference, and from then on it clicked that this is what I wanted to do.

“I kept on going back to assist with interviews and anything else that was going on. That was back when I was 17, then through university, I kept helping out with the club which has got me to me being here now.”

Dafydd then went on to speak about her experience of being a female in a male-dominated environment.

“Because of the bullets other women have taken in the past, I’m thankful that I’ve had quite a smooth journey, in regard to any incidents of sexism.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of older women in the industry. Without these women, I wouldn’t have the confidence to enter a room full of men or women and have the confidence to do what I do.

“Although I’d love to see more women in the industry, I don’t feel that they should be given jobs just for the sake of it. As long as we have the same opportunities as men.”

And she had this to say to any women considering a career in the sports media industry: “The main thing I would say is to go into it with enthusiasm and enjoy yourself .”