In the spotlight: Swans TV’s Sioned Dafydd – let’s hear it for the girls

Image courtesy of Sioned Dafydd

by Adam Evans

IN AN interview ahead of the Women and Sport conference, ExpoSport caught up with Swans TV presenter and one of the guest speakers, Sioned Dafydd.

She was keen to highlight the importance of encouragement to get more women involved in the sports media industry.

“I have always been really grateful that I’ve had a lot of women mentor me and give me advice and I’ve been so grateful to any women that’s given me an opportunity.

“I think we definitely need more women in senior roles that can take younger women on because it is daunting.”

She explained her top tips for making sure anyone wanting to break into the industry.

“Don’t be scared, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman you’ve just got to work hard and do it really.”

The Swansea-born presenter also touched upon the coverage of women’s sport.

“There definitely isn’t enough coverage at the moment but it has increased marvellously in the last year or two.

“Just look at the Women’s Super League, they’ve got live games on BT Sport and the Women’s Football Show on the BBC.

“Just talk about women’s football as much as you can, get the word out there and hopefully it’ll go from strength to strength.”