Comment: First year course rep Bryn Goodall counts down to conference day

by Bryn Goodall

WITH one day to go until the Women and Sport, Breaking Barriers Conference, all of us students have had our heads down putting the final touches to the event.

First and second year students have been working as a collective, especially today, in order to iron out any creases that remain in the conference scheduled for tomorrow.

There have been final interviews done, final pieces written and research conducted.

There are three second year students who were tasked with taking control of three groups that contributed to the organisation of the conference.

Callum Ellis, project manager in charge of the social media side of the conference, told me about the work his group have had to do today.

Tom Pritchard and Callum Ellis working on conference planning. Image Bryn Goodall.

“We’ve been gathering together various content that has been pushed across our social media platforms,” he told me.

“We have also created multiple graphics to promote the event, including the interactive quiz. The social media team set up different social media pages to promote the event and publish content and information.

“The Twitter page in use was edited from the twitter account used for last year’s conference which already had a fairly large following.”

First year student Adam Evans was also part of the social media team.

“I’ve enjoyed contributing to the social media side of things. Today, I created an information poster which will be used tomorrow and handed to the attendees of the conference. I also finished off a quotes piece on one of the speakers.”

Adam Evans busy working on an information leaflet

The second-year students have been looking to mentor the first years, as they hold valuable experience after last year’s conference, which focused on mental health in sport.

Second year Jordan Jones, who was in charge of the research team this year, explained what he learned from the experience of organising the last conference.

“Having done the conference last year, it tested my ability in organising and everything that comes with it.

“It was a challenge I thought I dealt with and which put me in good stead for this year’s conference

“The experience from last year has helped with my mentoring role for the first years in my group and also helped me know what areas to delegate people to in regards to research.”

The Women and Sport Conference takes place at the USW Sport Park tomorrow.