Reaction: USW Men’s 2nd coach, Ellis Bellamy

by Ethan Harris

ELLIS Bellamy enjoyed his first experience in charge of the Men’s 2nd side, overseeing a dominant performance against University of Gloucester 2nd, in a cup game where his side were 9-3 victors.

A plethora of goals were seen throughout the match, with the home side leading 5-1 heading into the half-time break.

Despite two late goals from the visitors, the game was well beyond reach, and Bellamy was proud of his players’ performance after the match.

“I thought the way we performed was excellent, I thought we took everything seriously and we really got the best out of the players,” said Bellamy.

“We’ve changed the formation, we tinkered with it and went with a 4-4-2 flat, and we looked way more organised.

“We usually play a diamond and we’ve changed that now because we found there were a lot of weaknesses, especially on the counter-attack and we just looked so much more comfortable today.”

In a game that saw Bellamy take over the second side for the first time, the young coach looked comfortable in the dugout, with the victory never in doubt throughout the match.

“I really enjoyed it to be fair,” Bellamy continued.

Library pic. Image by Ethan Harris

“I’ve got a really good group of players that really take on board everything you say and the attitude is brilliant, so I was more delighted to see them do well today and get a positive result.”

The side is not looking to rest on this result either, with Bellamy confident they can go as far as they want to in the competition.

“I think the goal is always to win it. I never really see the point of being in a competition just to get by.

“You have to think you’re going to win it and I think with the way the boys are performing and they are really taking on board what we’ve been saying, we’ve got every chance.

“We can’t just sit where we are, we have to try and progress.”

Gloucester’s manager Dylan Williams was understandably disappointed with the result but felt there were still positives to be taken from the game.

“I told them I wanted to see some heart in the second half and that’s exactly what they showed me,” he said.

“Going back into our actual league, we should be feeling really positive.”