Reaction: From USW Men’s 3rd coach Rob Bailey to his side’s 5-1 win

Image by Jordan Jones

by Matthew Slater

MEN’S 3rd coach Rob Bailey gave his opinion of the game in a post-match interview. He also explained whether his preparation for the next round of the cup would change.

“I am really pleased with the performance, with the score-line being a fairly accurate reflection of how we played. But more pleasing than the score-line was how we played, especially after last week’s disappointment.

“So, the bounce back and playing in that manner with a limited number of players available was the most pleasing as it came off and our confidence was restored.

“Our preparations do not change, we worry about our own performance as we do not know anything about Plymouth, we know that they are a team that are high up and that is because they came up to visit us last year.

“That game did not end very well, but our preparations will be focused on ourselves and we let every other team worry about us as that is all we can do. This is because we do not have five or six days of preparation, or a group of analysts working for us, so we must do what we can do, which is work hard for each other and do the simple things well.”